Identifying Ducks at a Distance

There are many benefits to being able to identify waterfowl at a distance for Hunters and even bird watchers. Naturally, bird watchers would like to be able to quickly identify waterfowl correctly so they may examine its habits more closely for documentation.

While a bird watcher may enjoy the movements and tendencies of certain species of waterfowl, a hunter will benefit from being able to quickly identify the type of waterfowl they’re hunting by not attempting to fire at a species that may be protected or even scarce. For the birds that are protected, it’s absolutely necessary not to kill these animals as they are needed for breeding to continue population.

There are many resources that will help the avid hunter and bird watcher identify waterfowl correctly. Ducks at a Distance: a waterfowl identification guide is an extremely reliable source. It is a pocket sized guide that can probably be described more accurately as a pamphlet. It contains images and descriptions of certain species of ducks so that you may correctly identify the waterfowl that you’re watching/hunting.

If you aren’t the pamplet type, there are also plenty of online resources. There’s a great article about Waterfowl Identification here. It appears this site also provides a mobile app that can be downloaded to your smartphone for quick identification on the go.

As you can see, there are quite a few resources easily available for hunters and birdwatchers alike, so that they may be more educated on the creatures they are seeking.

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